Danker (aka Daniel Trajtemberg)

I was born in Córdoba, Argentina, and I grew up in a rural town in the same province. At the age of 8 years old I moved to the Capital City, Buenos Aires, where I saw for the first time a sci-fi illustration made by Blas Gallego called “Beauty and the Beast – 6?.

Several years later I noticed that I had developed a very strong connection with that kind of art. I found myself at the age of sixteen surrounded by a very selected European comics collection (Zona 84, Cimoc,) and some of the characters from those stories ended up painted on the walls of my room.

Well, that was it, I got hooked to the visual art profession since then. I got my degree in graphic design at the Buenos Aires University, Argentina, and I’m a self-taught illustrator (traditional and digital media). I worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for the music industry for about 12 years.

I currently live in “The Silicon Valley,” where I work as an illustrator, primarily working for the games and music industry, and as a GUI and Graphic Designer for a hardware and software company.


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