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Stockton-con 2013

It was a great experience being part of the second comic convention made in Stockton.   WHAT IS STOCKTON-CON? The goal of Stockton-Con is … [Read More...]


Convolution 2012

Convolution 2012 - November 2-4 At the Hyatt in Burlingame, California. Convolution is a three-day science fiction, fantasy, and media … [Read More...]


Sac-Con 2012

I will be attending as illustrator to the Sac-Con 2012 in November 30th. The convention will take place at The Scottish Rite Center located … [Read More...]

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Video – Spelled Moon CD cover work in progress

The illustration for this project was designed on the go. The firs draft was a brief list of "feelings" I wanted to show trough this virtual scenario. … - Read More


Video – Firebreathers work in progress

This short video shows the work in progress on the "Fire Breathers" illustration. … - Read More

monk video

Video – Monk

This video shows part of the work in progress on the "Monk" illustration. Made in Photoshop CS5 the whole process took about 15 hours. … - Read More

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